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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services

Eliminate the risk of handling problems and crooked steering wheels with proper alignment.

Vehicles suffering from Alignment issues are extremely dangerous to drive on the road and you should have the vehicle inspected immediately at your nearest repair shop to prevent an accident. Waiting and continuing to drive a vehicle with a poor alignment will increase the damage to your vehicle and risk to your wellbeing.

Accurate wheel alignment will not last forever. Little things like bumping a curb while parallel parking, and running over a pothole can affect the alignment system of any car, truck, and SUV. Alignment issues can begin to appear in a car in as little as 18 months, presenting handling issues and unexpected drifting in the steering. Consumable auto parts like springs often wear down and allow for a shift or movement in the suspension system and chassis that harm the alignment.

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It is not uncommon for issues to arise in alignment over time, and these symptoms can occur in both front and rear alignments. Pulling or drifting issues arise from improper camber and caster placement. Errors in the front and rear toe of your alignment will result in a crooked steering wheel.

Improper Wheel Alignment can unevenly wear tire tread and more importantly, poses a major safety concern for your vehicle. A car may pull or drift away on the roadway during operation. Excessive tire wear can lead to poor traction or a tire blow-out while driving. Driving a car with a poor alignment could easily cause an automotive accident and fatalities.

Poor Alignment decreases gas mileage and impacts the life of your tires, and increases the risk and wear-and-tear to other important car components like the steering and suspension systems.


Proper wheel alignment is both a safety issue and a costly concern. Having alignment geometry extends the life of your tires and also protects your vehicle's steering and suspension systems from unnecessary wear-and-tear. Improper alignments also hurt your fuel economy and drive down gas mileage.


If you notice your tires wearing unevenly, considering having your wheel alignment inspected before replacing your tires. Purchasing new tires when a car isn't in alignment will continue to wear tires quickly and unevenly, leading to frequent and costly replacement. Have your alignment and suspension inspected before installing new tires and extend the life of the parts you invest in!