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Tuner Accessories and modification for cars and trucks

Tuner Accessories and Modifications

We won't sell or install anything that we wouldn't want in our garage.

It is common practice to purchase and modify vehicles to make them faster and more unique, from spoilers and custom exhaust manifolds to retuning Engines and outfitting Roll Cages for race safety, performance tuning offers many advantages. Aftermarket body kits and interior modifications are becoming far more popular among street tuners such as the Honda Civic and the Volkswagen GTI.

Automotive Modifications are endless. Unlock hidden horsepower in your existing engine with computer tuning and performance chips, increase air flow throughout combustion with Cold Air Intake and Custom Exhaust kits, and increase visibility with H.I.D. headlights.

We can get the parts you need. Now offering lower pricing on Lift and Lower Kits.

Clackamas Tire & Brake now sells and installs tuner accessories for many makes and models of foreign and domestic cars. We guarantee reliable build and repair performance vehicles, using Original Equipment Replacment (OEM) parts and select reputable brands of aftermarket performance automotive parts and accessories. We have extensive experience repairing and customizing popular tuner vehicles, such as the Acura Integra, Ford Mustang GT, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and Subaru WRX STI.


This is the easiest automotive modification that anyone can install on their vehicle. It takes on average less than an hour to install, and usually costs only a few hundred dollars. The stock air box is removed from the Intake and replaced with a new Cold Air Intake that allows the air to flow more naturally with less restriction. Improved acceleration and fuel economy.


Exhaust upgrades are common favorite among car tuners and enthusiasts alike. Especially if you've already installed a Cold Air Intake, customizing the exhaust allows for better sound and also helps the engine run more efficiently. Improved acceleration and fuel economy. A cat-back exhaut system is placed after the Catalytic Converter and when paired with a powerful muffler will make your exhaust system high-flow and lower-volume than a stock exhaust system.

If you don't want to replace everything after the CAT, you can perform an Axle-back upgrade, replacing only the rear mufflers and leaving the stock pipes in place. Which it doesn't involve all of the same performance improvements, it outperforms stock mufflers in most cases.


High Intensity Discharge lamps or H.I.D. lights offer improved driving safety over regular halogen bulbs that come stock on vehicles. A secondary eledctric amplifier is present in these bulbs that is charged with a special gas, making it illuminate very brightly. Improve roadway visibility, especially in dark rural areas and extreme weather conditions. They're generally easy to install, offer white, yellow, and blue light tinting, and run only a few hundred dollars at most.


Newer cars can be tuned with Performance Chips to unlock more horsepower through the engine computer. Not all vehicles are designed for computer tuning like this but may allow for aftermarket settings to be written to the computer. Speak with a technician about your vehicle to determine which Computer Tune options are available for your make and model. A Dyno Tune can only be performed by a trained professional in an Auto Repair Shop. This method of tuning involves measuring the horsepower and torque capabilities of your car or truck, pushing it to maximum existing power. A programmer then updates air-fuel ratios and other settings to unlock more power and performance options.