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Steering and Suspension Service

Steering and Suspension Service

Proper steering depends highly on the quality of the suspension for a smooth drive.

Almost all vehicles on the road nowadays are equipped with Power Steering - and if the power steering goes out, it's a serious safety issue. The Steering and Suspensions system in your vehicle are interactive, and must work together to direct your vehicle while driving. Over time, the suspension and framework may need to undergo a wheel alignment, have the shocks and struts replaced, or have the suspension system repaired.

The Suspension System manages how you handle the road, and therefore the overal safety of how your vehicle will maneuver. The Suspension is built with various control arms, shafts, rods, bushings, joints, and knuckles that work together to make the entire system work. The Sway Bar, or Stabilizer Bar is responsible for keeping your vehicle from rolling over while turning, keeping the car upright by spreading the weight equally over the tires while turning.

The Shocks and Struts are responsible for mimimizing bumps and vibrations, canceling out a lot of road and driving noise in the cabin and keeping the ride smooth. The Coil absorbs the road abuse, which is then absorbed by the Shock Absorber, working together to neutralize bumps and bouncing.

Failing Shocks and Struts can present some very serious problems under the hood. Vehicles frequently sway or pull to one side or the other rather than straight ahead when shock and strut issues are present. Most often, fluid will begin leaking from the shocks or strut body, which happens when they become damaged. Mounts and bushings wear down over time and must be replaced when they break. Most customers feel a harsher, bumpier ride, or excessive bouncing in the suspension when hitting a speed bump or pothole. Worn Shocks and Struts affect how the wheels touch the road and can lead to swaying, pulling, and hydroplaning while driving.

If the vehicle "nose dives" when brakes are applied or steering is stiff, even making noise - there is an underlying steering and suspension problem occuring. Driving on a vehicle with a compromised steering and suspension system can accelerate the undue wear-and-tear on other components, even the tires. Replacing failing parts can improve handling and driveability, and even improve the braking distance. New Shocks and Struts offer advanced safety and superior comfort on the road.