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Used vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Are you buying a new used car? Get a reliable Pre-purchase inspection.

Buying a new or used car is a serious decision, it's one of the single most expensive purchases you'll make in a year. Especially when a vehicle has been driven by someone else, you need to know the current condition of your potential new car. Don't risk spending your hard-earned money on a Lemon (LINK TO OREGON LEMON LAWS). Rely on an unbiased third party to thoroughly inspect your potential purchase. We help you avoid scams and unnecessary expenses when buying a used car.

Let us protect your next 10,000 miles with our new vehicle maintenance package.

Get a dynamic pre-purchase automobile inspection from one of our ASE Certified Inspectors for $129.99. We perform both a visual inspection of the body and paint, as well as a thorough electrical inspection of the mechanical performance of the vehicle, including checking fluids and engine trouble codes.

We'll verify the equipment and options of the car and confirm it's condition level, reveal any hidden problems with the body, frame, and or engine, and find any engine codes within the system. We even research recalls manufacturer defects listed for the vehicle and include that with your inspection. We pay careful and close attention for signs of frame damage, smoker's car, and flood damage to protect you and your investment.


On average, a pre-purchase inspection will take a little more than an hour, nearly three times the time of standard inspection performed on every vehicle we service. Our pre-purchase inspection is more thorough, investigating your vehicle closely for potential problems after purchase. A detailed inspection of a complex luxury automobile, with extensive engine tests, could cost several hundred dollars more.


Without a doubt, yes. A pre-purchase inspection can expose serious mechanical issues in a vehicle before you purchase it. In Oregon, there are no lemon laws that protect consumers when buying a used car. A private owner can sell a vehicle in as-is condition, and if it breaks down, it's the responsiblity of the buyer to pay for repair. There is no legal recourse to recoup that money if the vehicle you buy doesn't work as advertised. Protect yourself and make sure the vehicle you buy has the engine life to keep you on the road safely.


The Lemon Law was enacted to protect consumers who purchase new and used vehicles. It states that a consumer is allowed a replacement vehicle or adequate compensation in instances where a vehicle is persistently malfunctioning after purchase. There are now Lemon Laws enacted in all 50 states of U.S.A. as cars and trucks are one of our largest purchases and investments.

The Oregon Department of Justice has determined that Oregon's Lemon Law applies to new vehicles purchased within 2 years or 24,000 miles of purchase. In Oregon, the Lemon Law does not apply to used vehicle sales. If you believe you qualify for a Lemon Law claim, you can find legal services through the Oregon State Bar at (503) 684-3763.