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Gasoline Engine Repair and Maintenance

Combustion (Gas) Engine Repair & Maintenance

From routine maintenance to major engine replacement or repair, we know engines better than anyone.

The Engine is the single most important component of your vehicle and keeping up with recommended Engine maintenance and handling repairs right away will help your engine last the life of the vehicle. Regular Tune-Ups, Filter Replacement, and Fuel System Cleanings help to keep the Engine running smoothly.

Engine Repair problems can be extremely complex, especially in the newest luxury models - and require a highly skilled technicians with state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge to identify the root issue with your vehicle. Issues with drivability, lowered fuel economy, and your Check Engine Light are all indications that your engine needs to be serviced.

There are basic maintenance items such as regular oil changes, spark plug replacement, and changing clogged filters can extend the life of your engine and increase reliability. A list of suggested Tune-Up Services is available here. Some wear and tear on the engine is inevitable.

Regular Engine Tune-Ups can prevent costly damage.

It's recommended to regularly inspect your engine for performance and issues. Have new spark plugs installed when called for by your owner's manual or technician, and have the timing and idle set with this service. Have your Air Filter and Fuel Filter changed regularly, especially if they become clogged with debris. Having your Fuel System cleaned can also improve engine performance and extend the life of your engine.

Sometimes, engines have already experiences some part failure due to damage or wear-and-tear and need more than a simple Tune-Up Service. Some key engine components such as the Fuel Pump, Ignition Wires and Module, Engine Sensors and Distributor Cap & Rotors often need to be repaired or replaced over time.