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Fuel Injection Service

Fuel Injection Service

Stop carbon deposits from building up in your fuel system and lines with regular service.

From the very first time that your engine turns over, your fuel system begins producing and building up carbon deposits that linger in the intake valves and combustion chamber. These deposits left on piston valves and fuel injector nozzles negatively affect the spray pattern and flow of fuel through the system. This preventable buildup leads to poor acceleration and performance, hesitation and lurching, stalling, rough idling, and worsening fuel mileage over time. Fuel Injection Service is the process of removing the carbon deposits from the injectors, intake valves, and combustion chanber without damaging the fuel system or engine.

A simple Fuel Injection Service can prevent costly repairs down the line, like breadowns in the fuel system and poor combustion. Fuel System problems are often at high risk of stalling or breaking down a vehicle during operation. A Injector Flush can resolve deposits from poorly formulated gasoline, and unclog plugged injector tips and nozzles. This service is recommended for older vehicles with performance problems.

For older vehicles, our technicians can service, rebuild, or replace carburetors with ease.

The engine needs sufficient fuel for proper combustion. When the fuel supply is impeded, the engine power suffers and sometimes even misfires. This can happen when just one fuel injector is impacted, leaning the fuel mixture and introducing unburned oxygen into the exhaust and affecting the Oxygen Sensor reading. An uneven fuel supply with cause idling issues. Faulty fuel injectors will leak and producing a strong gasoline smell burning under the hood.

In turbocharged engines, having clogged injectors can lean out the fuel mixture so much that it can actually explode the engine. For a turbocharged engine to run, it must use every bit of fuel the fuel injectors provide, if they cannot supply the right amount of fuel as it's needed, the fuel mixture changes and the imbalanced combustion causes extremely hot exhaust and turbo failure.

Even high quality fuel can eat through performance and chips away at the life of your engine. Ethanol, which attacks metal surfaces, can cause corrosion in the fuel system if water is introduced to the system. Cleaning and conditioning the entire fuel system, flushing it of corrosion and carbon deposits helps to restore lost peformance and improves fuel economy.

Fuel Injection Service involves introducing a liquid cleaning agent into the Injection Nozzle, and thoroughly inspecting the fuel lines and rails of the fuel system. The fuel injectors, throttle body, and air intake are cleaned and the fuel pump is pressure tested. The Pressure Regulator, vacuum line, and connecting lines are all inspected. Lastly, the Intake Manifold, Exhaust Valves, Intake, combustion chamber, and pistons are all decarbonized. An Exhaust Emissions test, much like the testing performed by DEQ testing facilities is performed to verify performance.


If you believe you might have an injector that is clogged or malfunctioning, an Injector Balance Test can isolate which injector(s) are suffering. Each Injector is individually tested to see if they perform to expectation, like a drop in Engine RPMs. The Oxygen Sensor - or O2 Sensor - is a great way to examine voltage changes and double check Fuel Injector performance.

An Electronic Injector Pulse Tester to examine the fire and pulse fo the injectors, and each injector should have the same pressure drop in the system.