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Driveline & Driveshaft Repair

Driveline and Driveshaft Service & Repair

Regularly inspect your driveline system to prevent damage to your axles and framework.

The driveline turns your axles, the axles turn your wheels. It connects the engine and transmission to the wheel axles. This is what makes it such an integral system of your vehicle. Drivelines are also responsible for the speed of your vehicle. The Driveline System includes the Drive Shaft, differentials, and Universal Joints, which work together to transmit power from your engine into torque through the axles to your wheels. This is what gives your vehicle speed and responsive handling.

Driveline Repair is often necessary when there has been physical, structural damage, such as a car accident. Extreme wear and tear, such as offroading and 4x4 driving, as well as rusting and breakage can compromise any part of the driveline system and require repair or replacement. Most commonly this means just replacing the broken or worn parts, but it sometimes requires replacing the entire driveline system. This is most common in older vehicles.

Strange noises are always a concern, sometimes that noise is an indication of a driveline problem that needs to be addressed. Many drivers experience a grinding noise, signaling a problem with the improper lubrication in the joints. Vibrations are a strong sign that driveline repair may be necessary.

Bring your vehicle in for inspection right away if you hear unfamiliar or concerning noises.

It's important to get an inspection for your driveline system, as there are differences among drivelines, depending on if the vehicle in question is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive. Request to have your universal and CV joints inspected every time you have your vehicle serviced to ensure that no cracks or leaks have appared in the joints or boot that often result in severe and expensive damage.

When it comes to inspections and repairs to your driveline system, depend on a specialist in driveshaft assemblies. The Driveline and Driveshaft should always be kept in good working order. Don't put your axles and framework at risk of extensive damage by putting off service.

During road inspection, our technicians check for noises and vibration during acceleration, a strong indication the the driveshaft and joints may need to be serviced. During our Driveline inspection, we examine the joints for loose movement and lack of lubrication, inspect for leaks and cracks in the housing, as well as damage to each individual component and overal wear and tear.


Vibration and rumbling noises while driving on the highway may be driveline vibration. Clunking, grinding, squeaking, and metal-on-metal sounds could be worn universal joints that may need lubrication or replacement. Some customers experience issues being unable to steer properly. Inspection is strongly recommended if your vehicle shudders during acceleration, or hear loud noises during shifting as these are indications of problems in the Universal Joints.