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Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel Engine Repair

Diesel vehicles run differently than gas engines, still requiring regular maintenance.

Diesel Vehicles and the engine that runs them are an investment. They're reliable and affordable to drive and service. They don't need the ignition tune-ups that gasoline engines have, normally lasting longer without major repair than gas engines. There are no Spark Plugs or Ignition Systems like in most internal combustion engines.

You can avoid common pitfalls and problems of Diesel Engines with regular maintenance like frequent Oil Changes and regularly inspecting and changing the Air and Fuel filters. Not doing these simple services can destroy a diesel engine and dirty fuel from bad filters can clog the fuel injection system. These are avoidable costly repairs.

Diesel Engines can often go 500,000 miles without rebuild.

Regular scheduled maintenance on your diesel engine should also include refilling the Fuel Injection system that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. If you maintain your vehicle according to the owner's manual, the Fuel Injectors can last 100,000 miles, some longer. Lubricating oils need to be changed, the fuel system needs to be bled, and water separators have to be drained on diesel vehicles as part of this same maintenance.

Gaskets should always be thoroughly inspected as they wear-and-tear under the harsh conditions. Mounting bolts should also be checked regularly to prevent leaks and more expensive complications. Getting regular complete Maintenance Inspections are necessary on occassion to ensure a long-lasting engine. Bio-diesel can also be used in most diesel engines with little-to-no modification. Bio-diesel is better for the environment and can release deposits in the fuel tank from the previous diesel fuel.

Diesel Engines run at a much higher compressions pressure than gasoline engines, and because of this, they generate far more heat in the engine system. This puts a high demand and wear-and-tear on the engine cooling system, which often fails because it cannot withstand the prolonged overheating. Coolant Filters can be installed to control the ph level of the coolant and prevent a build up of corrosive particles in the cooling system.

Diesel Oil Changes: diesel-powered engines require protection against the corrosion caused by a combination of their extremely high operating temperatures and acidic producted introduced into the engine by diesel fuel and by-products of oil breakdown. Diesel oils provide additional protection against corrosion through detergent-alkalinity additives, which gives diesel oil a higher Total Base Number (TBN). Oils with high TBN are able to neutralize acids over a longer period than oils with low TBN. In fact, an oil's fitness for ongoing service in fleets is largely determined by it's Total Base Number.

In cold winter months, diesel vehicles can be hard to start. If you experience this issue, the best remedy can often be to install a heater element in the heater hose or an electrical heater on the cylinder block.

NOW IN STOCK - Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube for Ford 6.0L diesel engines. Replace the high failure rust-prone OE Drain Tube in 2005-2010 Ford Diesel Engines with this new and improved Zinc plated cold-rolled steel drain tube. This Diesel Drain Tube is guaranteed to outperform the OE drain tube, surviving 48 hours of consistent salt fog testing.


A gas engine has a spark inside of the combustion chamber at the exact moment needed to cause the air-fuel mixture compressed within to explode. Diesel Engines do not have Spark Plugs to cause this same ignition or explosion, which is why it compresses the air and fuel in the chamber over three times as much as a gasoline engine. By compressing the mixture so much more, he could cause the same explosion without an external sparking mechanism. The fuel used in these engines is also entirely different.


Clackamas Tire & Brake is proud to annouce a significant expansion to our Diesel Fuel Injectors service. In addition to OEM specified Fuel Injectors, our shop now has access to hundreds of new diesel parts including a new line of OE-Production diesel fuel injectors with an OE design that is manufacturerd for most makes and models of diesel vehicles.

These fuel injectors are built for the highest levels of precision and consistency, which delivers uncompromising quality, durability, and fuel economy. They undergo extensive dynamometer, hot gas test stand, and diesel emissions testing to ensure proper performance. Many of these new Diesel Fuel Injectors are designed for Ford Pickups, E-Vans, Ford F-Series Super Duty Trucks, GM Trucks and Vans, Excursions, VW Jetta, and International Trucks.

Do you own a Ford Power Stroke Diesel? We now carry brand new OE-production Fuel Injectors for 6.0L and 6.4L Ford Power Stroke Diesel Engines.