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Motor Oil and premium filters

Motor Oil, Filters, and Lube Service

Conventional, Semi-Blend, and Synthetic Motor Oil and premium Oil Filters.

Everyone knows that a vehicle needs regular Oil Changes, because Oil is a very important fluid to every automobile. Next to having the gas necessary to run your vehicle, Oil Changes are the most important preventative maintenance service to keep your vehicle running. Motor Oil flows through every automobile, reducing friction and other important functions for different components. It even dampens the shock and noise of the different moving parts. When Oil isn't changed often enough, carbon and varnish buildup and damage the engine.

Not all oil filters are the same, which is why we replace your existing filter with a Premium Oil Filter built with the highest-quality materials to guarantee consistent oil filtration for both synthetic and conventional oil engines.

Conventional Oil Changes are the lowest cost oil changes available, and designed for vehicles that aren't often in severe driving conditions and rarely encounter towing heavy loads, don't use dirt roadways, and aren't planning a cross-country roadtrip. Conventional Motor Oil offers basic protection and sludge protection. Starting at only $19.99 on qualifying vehicles.

High Mileage Oil Changes are recommended for older vehicles that have done an extensive amount of driving and have accrued more than 75,000 miles. A high mileage oil mixture restores lost compression and reduces oil consumption. Help keep your engine running better and longer by reducing oil leaks.

Refer to your Owner's Manual to determine which Motor Oil your vehicle needs.

Synthetic Blend, or Semi-Blend Oil Changes offer better protection against sludge and superior performance to the Conventional Oil Change. It often results in better fuel economy and protects the vehicle in extreme weather temperatures. Protection and performance are not as strong as with a full-synthetic oil change, but also doesn't have the same high cost. Starting at only $29.99 for most makes and models.

The Synthetic Oil Change is the most expensive option, and is often necessary for many newer and import vehicles on the market. This premium Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated and offers the best protection and performance for vehicles, gets the best fuel economy of any Oil Change avialable and also protects the vehicle from extreme temperatures, not requiring another Oil Change for up to 5,000 miles. Synthetic Oil Changes are starting at only $59.99.


When it comes to Oil Changes, the best rule of thumb is to have your oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 miles or according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals. It's also important to understand that different oils require different oil change intervals and you should consult with your manual or technician about your specific vehicle's oil needs. For instance, Conventional (non-synthetic) oil chould be changed every 3,000 miles. On the other hand, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic Oils can have longer recommended service intervals.

If you are changing your vehicle over to Synthetic Oils, they typically cost more than Convention Oils and Oil Change Services, and that a better grade Oil Filter should also be used to be sure that the filter provides the longer life to match the Oil.

If you are in doubt about when and how often to change your oil, we would be more than happy to provide your manufacturer's recommended service interval and help you decide if the longer service intervals with Synthetic Oil will help save you money on regular service. Call us today to Book your next Service Appointment.


If you've had your car in for an oil change before the oil indicator light came on, chances are that the oil level has been low on recent oil changes but was never checked before draining, keeping it from being noticed. First off, you need to understand that oil consumption between Oil Change Services is pretty normal; with exception to new cars. Small amounts of oil are expected to be burnt and exit the vehicle through the exhaust system and tailpipe.

Your vehicle may have also developed oil leaks even though you dont' necessarily see any drops on the ground where you park. Small leaks often leave stains on the engine, but the engine heat causes the leaking oil to be burnt off as you drive. This can best be diagnosed with a thorough inspection of the engine compartment and oil system.

If you've already experienced this condition of having low oil condition between oil changes, you should make it a habit to check your Oil Dipstick on a regular basis - every month is a great place to start! Remember that Oil is the lifeblood of your engine so taking a couple of minutes once a month to check the Dipstick is far less costly than replacing the motor of your vehicle.