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Automotive Services provided by ASE Certified Technicians

Think about it: your vehicle is your family's livilihood. It's how you transport your kids, which is why it's so important to maintenance and repair vehicles correctly. The average car has at least 30,000 working parts in it - and each one counts. You depend on your car to be reliable and safe, and you can depend on us to keep it that way.

Today's high tech vehicles require high tech repairs and that means our Technicians have to acquire more detailed repair information than ever before. We perform visual, physical, and digital inspections as necessary to accurately diagnose vehicles.

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A/C Recharging & Repair

Stay cool outside and recharge your failing A/C System today for only $34.99, Same Day Service.

Aftermarket Parts

We can locate and install OEM recommended aftermarket parts. Body Kits now available.

Batteries & Charging

Isolate battery drains and trouble recharging the battery before the starter suffers.

Belts & Hoses

Regularly inspect belts and hoses for cracks and leaks that could damage the engine.

Brake Repair

Now $129.99 for our Brake Service with a lifetime warranty on Brake Pads.

Computer Diagnostics

Extract Engine Codes and isolate electronic malfunctions in the ECM, starting at only $99.99.

50 Point Courtesy Check

Our Courtesy Check Inspection helps you stay informed about what's happening under your hood.

Dash Warning Lights

Have your Check Engine Light and corresponding Codes investigated to isolate repairs.

Diesel Engine Repair

Designed to last longer without repair, Diesel engines still need regular maintenance.

Engine Repair

From poor combustion to failing to startup, our techs can diagnose and fix any engine issue.

Exhaust & Muffler

Restore emissions standards and pass DEQ testing with an exhaust and muffler inspection.

Fluids & Flushes

Regularly and properly flushing automotive fluids prevents expensive breakdowns.

Framework & Chassis

Have your chassis bent or welded back to OEM Safety specifications after framework damage.

Lights, Wipers, & More

We sell and install the highest quality lights and fixtures, wiper blades, and other accessories.

Offroad & 4x4 Service

Keep your engine, transmission, and suspension operating correctly for an adventure on any terrain.

Oil, Filter, & Lube

Premium Motor Oil and filters for all makes and models. Semi Blend now only $26.99.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Get a dynamic pre-purchase inspection from one of our Certified Inspectors, starting at $129.99.

Steering & Suspension

Keep a smoother, safer ride with a properly aligned and operational suspension system.

Timing Belt Service

Avoid severe engine damage with regular Timing Belt inspections and service, as low as $379.99.

Transmission & Clutch

Prevent slips irregular performance with a transmission fluid flush and/or service.

Tuner Accessories

Outfit your vehicle with the best in racing parts and performance accessories on the market.

Tuneup & Maintenance

Always refer to your Owner's Manual for OEM recommended services, starting at $89.99.

Wheel Alignment

Extend the life of your steering and suspension systems with regular alignment service.